If you have a bunch of Chrome windows, with a bunch of open tabs, and you are afraid to tackle that huge mess of websites, just use Akira! You can group all open tabs by window/website, sort them alphabetically; then bookmark the important, and discard the unnecessary.

The Story

One day, my best friend and I were trying to play an action/horror game on my friend’s laptop, which has moderate specs (should be able to run games at 30 FPS on low settings). Even if the game was on the lowest settings, we were getting around 10 FPS, which was really frustrating.

After getting ourselves tortured by 10 FPS gameplay, we decided to browse reddit/etc. My friend switched to Google Chrome, and that’s when I noticed the source of our problem. There were at least 20 tabs open on 10 separate Chrome windows, slurping the RAM and other resources just like an athlete drinking water after training.

Some time later, I decided to help my friend by making a Chrome extension which can be used to manage a bunch of open tabs. I though it would be a good project which I can use to improve my skills, and a plus in my CV.

That’s how Akira was born.


  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store of the extension.
  2. Click on “Add to Chrome” button.
  3. On the popup, click on “Add Extension” button.
  4. Done!

License And Disclaimer


By Recoskyler - Adil Atalay Hamamcıoğlu

I am not responsible for any inconvenience. By adding Akira to Google Chrome, you take all responsibility.

In loving memory of Deniz, my childhood and best friend.

1999 - 2023



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